Don't get left behind as the marketplace explodes. Blogging has become one of the most valuable forms of marketing your business. Your blog is a significant way to appeal to and educate your customers. No longer just a personal diary, the blog now represents a fundamental marketing tool. If you are just beginning to market your services or product through a blog, then you need to become familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, and the effect of social media marketing. One of the first things you should develop is a blog schedule. It becomes really easy to put off adding content to your blog. It is also quite time-consuming to write your own posts. But if it isn't up to date, customers will notice and they will quickly move on to another site.


If these tasks seem daunting, it can be beneficial to hire a blogging service to handle all your blog's needs. These services are becoming widely used in The eXclusive Media online marketing. The eXclusive Media Blog services combine SEO, supplying and publishing relevant content on your blog, social media campaigns and more. A 2012 study by HubSpot, revealed that 60% of companies said they acquired a customer through a company blog.

A good blogging service:

Generate ideas for your blog

Write the content for your blog

Do all the posting on social media and other relevant places

Maintain a monthly content/editing calendar

Promote your blog on social media outlets

Provide an SEO strategy

Be keyword savvy

Provide monthly search engine reports

There are many customized services to choose from, and blog services are growing as fast as the industry grows. It is important to know what you are looking for and what your business needs are. Some provide more expert guidance, and others provide more of a "soft touch" approach we at The eXclusive Media know our JOB. Pick one that exposes and shows off your level of expertise and products we at The eXclusive Media know that we are BEST.

Blog services know the keys to a successful blog and marketing platform. They are familiar with the tricks of the trade. Along those lines they know underestimate the value of "white space". If your blog looks too cluttered, the reader will have a hard time paying attention to your specific message that you are trying to convey. One of the most effective ways a website can keep up with a search engine's demands for relevant and useful content is to incorporate a blog into its marketing platform.

A good blog service will not only grab your reader's attention through the written word but will also hold create a buzz with images, videos, charts, and other promotional tools that are designed specifically targeted to your audience.


Not only does a good service provide customers with online tools, the ability to research services and products, but they increase a company's visibility in the marketplace. These days as technology continues to expand, adding a blog for your businesses needs to be a priority. Content marketing is a new force driving valuable consumer interaction, brand awareness, and subsequent sales.